Danielle Earring Matte White Ivory MOP

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The Danielle Matte Statement Earrings in Ivory Mother-of-Pearl feature custom cut, oval stones framed in sleek matte detail. Perfect for any occasion, these statement earrings are a jewelry box staple. Celebrate our most iconic silhouette with The Danielle Matte Statement Earrings in Ivory Mother-of-Pearl.


• Matte White Plated Over Brass
• Size: 2.24"L x 1"W on earwire
• Material: ivory mother-of-pearl


Material Highlight: Mother-of-Pearl
Mother-of-Pearl is a genuine shell material produced as the inner layer of a shell, and is also what makes up the outer coating of pearls. It is strong, scratch-resistant, and beautifully iridescent.

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